Have you ever thought of making yourself a Mary Poppins-like-Carpet-Bag? Or two, or three? Well, I have for sure! For more then one reason. Because all the scraps of fabrics that you might have left over from previous projects (I have bins and bins full….shhh) can be enough to make a Carpet Bag. So it’s not that you need a new bag right (wink, wink), but it IS a nice zero-waste solution!

And, Miss Poppins happens to be very ‘vintage inpired’. See, the original Carpet Bags come from the late 19th century. Where train travelers first traveled with a suitcase, a new trend emerged of ‘travel bags’ such as duffel bags, but also Carpet Bags. Which owes it’s name to the fact that they were made from leftover carpet. A historic example of a sustainable zero-waste practice.
In the sixties this bag became very popular as the famous nanny Mary Poppins carried her magical Carpet Bag everywhere she went. So she was vintage inpired herself back then already!
Thereafter I got inpsired by her sixties bag and decided to draft a pattern with a contemporary Rosie & Me look.
Except, it was not easy to find the oh so recognizable tube closure. Therefore, I decided to offer a kit with both the pattern and the hardware, including the possibility to re-order the unique hardware.

The one thing that I did not include in the kit is your creativity. Because that is the fun part of ‘designing something yourself’!
Which fabric, color, print, lining, with or without piping, lace, buttons… Or? … Well, you name it!
Like I mentioned earlier, you can use scraps of fabric you still have, but old curtains from the thrift store or a wool blanket from for example your grandmother can also make the perfect Carpet Bag.
However, an authenetic Carpet Bag which is actually made from carpet is something I would not recommend. This would be quite difficult to sew….

Workshop: Basic Dress & Design

This year me and Els (from 2b Else) sat together to brainstorm about a workshop we wanted to give in her beautiful vintage studio in Eindhoven. Last year I gave a workshop, on how to make a Brooke dress to fit your personal body measurements and shape.
But this time I wanted something different. Something I would love to learn if I were you! First of all learning how to make a perfectly fitted basic dress for my body. And to top it off, learn how to make different designs from that dress. Fitting into a two day workshop! Not so much sewing, but lots of pattern and fit training….which is really what  love to do the most!

I shared this idea with Els and she was just as excited as I was!
We planned a date, Els announced our workshop plans and in no time the class was full….even having to put several people on a waiting list. How exciting to hear everyone’s enthusiasm!

In the meantime I worked on the basic dress – pattern and booklet. I wanted the booklet to be a guide for whenever people wish to make other pattern adjustments, something they can hold onto as a personal fit-reference.

For the second day I prepared a design-workbook with mini basic patterns that included basic design learnings like dart rotation, facing, sleeves, collars, skirt volume and drape.

And at last I printed personalized bags for the fabric (unbleached cotton) and the booklet.


All was ready to go…and then….I got the flu! Noooooo…..The entire winter I was thrilled that I seem to be about the only one withstanding this terrible flu …but at last it hit me as well…awful timing….and actually felt miserable having to cancel (well postpone) the first workshop day. All the students were wonderful and understanding which was so heart-warming.




The two days were a lot of fun! We all worked hard, everyone was really concentrated, eager to learn and very excited. While the first day was all about measuring, cutting and altering the patterns. The second day was about fitting the basic dress (which everyone made as homework) and making mini designs. The atmosphere, the beautiful location with tea, mjummie treats by Els (and also by one of the students!) some nice background music and to top it off a glass of wine to end the day with.

It gave me and Els so much energy that we plan to give the same course again later this year, around the Fall. If you are interested and/or ended up on the waiting list last time, please let us know!
You will then be the first ones to hear of the dates when they are planned.



Simply Sewing Magazine

Rosie & Me featured on the “My Favourite Thing” page of Simply Sewing Magazine (UK).

This is actually last months issue (nr. 40), but due to the flu (and therefore work piling up) I didn’t get to posting it sooner…
Which doens’t make it less exciting! Love being called ‘Versatile Vintage’

Rosie & Me in Local Magazine

Photography: Jaap Stahlie

How exciting to be one of the 10 people that got interviewed for a promotional magazine called ‘Bewust Vrij’.

Photography: Jaap Stahlie

A variety of people from Culemborg shared why they chose this town to be the home base for living their passion and dreams. Of course I loved to share my passion for Rosie & Me!

As well as enjoying the festivals in the area….nothing beats dancing on my bare feet with one of my precious blondies.